Dr. Artaza: A Better Kind of Dentist

Just because a dental clinic has a dentist doesn’t exactly indicate that the dentist is that good. In fact, we hear quite often about patients having bad experiences from their previous dentist. At Artaza Dental, all of us emulate Dr. Hugo Artaza, the founder of Artaza Dental, and his pursuit of excellence in everything he does.

Dr. Artaza has been working in the field of dentistry for nearly 40 years and has been the pillar in Katy’s dental community. His work continues to speak for itself, and so often his patients speak for him. Just view our excellent reviews on our Facebook page and our Google Business Listing.

Dr. Artaza’s Pursuit of Excellence

Just about every general dentist available is very limited in scope. They can only conduct a few dental procedures, and from there must push patients to specialists or other dental offices. Dr. Artaza is the consummate professional. He has dedicated his life to dentistry and providing the best dental care that can be found in Katy and in the Greater Houston area.

This is why Artaza Dental is able to conduct various procedures under one roof. Our dentistry includes general, cosmetic, and restorative. We also provide kids dentistry.

From dental fillings to root canals to dental implants, our Katy dentist office is capable of addressing practically any and every oral issue a patient may encounter. Not only does Dr. Artaza demand so much from himself, but he also has high demands for the office itself. This is why Artaza Dental houses the latest in dental technology, including the CEREC 3D and the CT scan.

Our office is all about patient comfort and absolute professionalism. According to Dr. Artaza, those two go hand-in-hand because a patient will always feel comfortable when they know that everyone demands the highest standards of excellence from each other and themselves.

Looking for the Best Dentist? Come to Artaza Dental.

The search for the best and most professional dental office in Katy can come to a quick resolution when you come to Artaza Dental. If you are looking for a dentist for you and the whole family, contact us today and schedule your appointment to come see us. We look forward to providing you your best dental experience.

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