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Artaza Dental has been a mainstay in the Katy, TX area for nearly 25 years. Our dental clinic has been providing patients of all ages with exceptional dentistry, ranging from general dentistry to restorative dentistry.

Our founder, Dr. Hugo Artaza, has been practicing dentistry for nearly 40 years and has become one of Katy’s most prominent dental practitioners. His skill and expertise in the field of dentistry has guided Artaza Dental to become the dental leader in Katy.

Artaza Dental and its entire staff is dedicated to the oral health of every single patient. This commitment to excellence with each patient helps to ensure that each one leaves with a smile on their face, and a beautiful and healthy smile at that.

Pain free Shots

It is Dr. Artaza's gentleness and steady hands that have enabled him to master the art and science of dentistry. His precision in dentistry has made him one of the most renowned dentists, not just in Katy, but in Greater Houston as well. With Dr. Artaza, your teeth are always in the best of hands.

Dr. Artaza and his family moved to Katy in 1986 where his practice has remained for the past 24 years. He, his wife, Donna, and their three children, Nicolas, Marco and Danica, are all actively involved in the Katy community.

Along with being a practitioner, he is a parishioner at Epiphany of the Lord where he is a member of the Knights of Columbus. During the months of February-March, Dr. Artaza donates his time to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo where he is a member of the International Committee. Dr. Artaza is a member of the HLSR BBQ Team, “Pitts and Ashes.” His team participates in the HLSR BBQ Cook-Off as well as grilling for local charity events and supports fundraisers for those in need. Dr. Artaza joined along side the international cooking team and members “Bottomless Pit” of HLSR, to serve over 1,500 hot meals in under one and a half hours to victims and rescuers of Brazoria County on September 4th, 2017.

In addition to reaching out to his community, Dr. Artaza has also provided dental services to Honduran citizens through his involvement with Heart for Honduras, an organization he has been involved with since 1996. He has led dental teams to rural areas and villages in Honduras where they provide relief aid and dental services to the local community. Tooth and gum disease is the fourth leading cause of death in the rural areas of Honduras. These missions have made a difference in the lives of thousands who visit the clinic each year.


Registered Dental Assistant - Office Manager

Suzi’s dental journey began before she even finished school for her license! She was hired by Dr. Artaza in February of 2012. As ironic as her friends and family believe it is that she made her way to the dental field of all places, she says, “I am that patient that needed to be sedated prior to arriving in the office and had to have a friend/family member bring me here and pick me up. I WAS TERRIFIED. This gives me pure compassion for our patients; being able to nurture those in need to get through the treatments they have been dreading.” Sometimes we hear Suzi battling the insurance companies and then with just the turn of her chair, she is smiling and laughing with the patients. Suzi started here as a single mom with one dog and one daughter of her own.. She has since started a marriage, gained two bonus kids, another dog & became a Siamese Cat Mom.


Registered Dental Assistant - Treatment Coordinator

Ileana joined our team in 2014 after spending a year with another dental office.

So far, this has been the greatest experience! I have learned so many things assisting him.” 

Ileana wears a lot of hats in this office, so sometimes you will see her during your New Patient Exams, sometimes she is in the assistant chair with you and Dr. Artaza, and sometimes she actually gets to stay up front where she belongs! Ileana prides herself with excellent teamwork efforts and she really does love every job she gets to do. When she gets time away from work, you will find her playing with her two wonderful puppies and hanging out with her lovely soon-to-be HUSBAND!


Dr. Paola

Registered Dental Assistant - Lead Assistant

Paola was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. She graduated in 2001 with her Doctor of Dental Surgery License and continued in school to become specialized in Periodontics in 2009. Paola worked in her home country for 6 years before she came to the United States. She received her license to assist in 2016 and began with us immediately.


Patient Care Coordinator

Lottie has known Dr. Artaza for more than a decade, and has been working for him since July of 2015. 

She says, “Helping our patients feel at ease and having a great experience coming to see us is so rewarding to me, our staff and our patients are like an extended family.” Lottie enjoy spending time her with friends and family(Dr. Artaza included!), relaxing by the pool, fishing, jet skiing, Golfing, shooting pool, playing tennis, volunteering, skydiving, riding motorcycles and traveling. Her bucket list? Zip lining in the jungle, bungee jumping and visiting Egypt and Dubai; Just to name a few!


Dr. Cazandra

Registered Dental Assistant - Assistant

Cazandra is from Mexico, where she received her DDS from The Autonomous University of Nuevo León in 2016. Cazandra specializes in Oral Surgery where she has worked alongside General Dentists in Government and Privately run facilities. Cazandra is a lover of many things! But her favorites include; Food, but mostly Chicfila, animals, Harry Potter and exploring new places. She uses her time off enjoying the things she loves, especially traveling to new cities!


LE - Marketing Consultant

Brooke has a passion for helping patients in the medical field, which she started 6 years ago. She is currently a Licensed Esthetician and she works a full time job doing esthetics at a MedSpa here in Katy. “I began marketing for Dr. Artaza in 2017 and joined his team working in the office because I absolutely LOVE interacting with his patients. Dr. Artaza has a special team with a special feel and working outside of the office just wasn’t as enjoyable. Knowing I am a part of his honorable team, even if I am just doing the back end promoting gives me tremendous pleasure!” Aside from spending her spare time here, Brooke enjoys spending time with her two children, husband and her friends.“


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