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General Dentistry in Katy

At Artaza Dental, we focus on providing excellent general dentistry to all of our dental patients. For nearly 40 years, Dr. Artaza has been perfecting the practice of dentistry in the Katy area. Our dental clinic offers various general dentistry services that enable all of our patients to achieve the most beautiful and healthy smiles.


Dental Cleanings

A dental cleaning should be scheduled for every six months. Along with brushing, flossing and rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash, undergoing a thorough dental cleaning at our dental clinic in Katy twice per year is imperative to ensuring your teeth and gums are in the best health possible. A dental cleaning enables our dentists and dental hygienists to check for gum disease, plaque buildup, problem areas between and around teeth, as well as cavities. The dental cleaning also removes hardened plaque and also ends with a polishing of the teeth.


Dental Fillings

Dental fillings is one of the most common dental procedures we provide at our dentist office in Katy. For patients—young and old—cavities can be a real problem. Even for patients who are proactive and aggressively maintain their oral health, cavities can be a nuisance. Removing these cavities and then filling that area with a dental filling is the quickest and most efficient method to ensuring the tooth remains healthy. Our dental staff highly recommends receiving a dental check up every six months to ensure there are no cavities. Cavities can quickly spread and lead to further issues that require more invasive dental work, like dental crowns or even a root canal.


Dental Crowns

Speaking of dental crowns, this procedure can recreate a tooth that has been broken or majorly impacted by tooth decay. Our Katy dentist will shape the healthy part of the tooth to make sure the patient is able to retain as much of their original tooth as possible. Once this shaping is complete, a dental crown is created through X-ray technology that is custom designed to fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth. At our dental office in Katy, we offer same-day crowns through our CEREC-3D technology. This removes the necessity for patients to wait days or weeks to receive their permanent dental crown. What once took a long process can now be performed in a single visit.


Root Canals

If a tooth can be saved, our dentist will save it. A root canal is one of those methods to saving a tooth that has been heavily affected by tooth decay or damage. A root canal is necessary when infection has gotten too deep into the tooth where it has affected the nerves and the tooth’s root. A root canal cleanses parts that have the infection and decay and secures it into place. Our dentists understand the importance of salvaging teeth. Keeping the original tooth helps secure the surrounding teeth and helps keep the mouth healthy.


Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is simply what is claims to be: preventative. By taking necessary steps to stay ahead of any issues that can cause harm to a patient’s mouth, patients are able to enjoy pristine oral health. From dental cleanings to dental fillings, our dentists and dental hygienists inform patients of the importance of keeping their teeth healthy and how to best do it.


Yomi Dental Robot

The Yomi dental robot is the only FDA-cleared system for dental implant surgery. The team at Artaza Dental uses this system to perform minimally-invasive surgery. Using the Yomi dental robot gives them in-depth treatment planning and greater control during your procedure. Yomi allows the team to provide you with same-day dental implants, helping you complete your smile as soon as possible. After surgery, you’ll be able to show off your new smile with confidence.


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If you have noticed a cavity or simply have not undergone a dental cleaning in the past six months, then be sure to contact our Katy dental office and schedule your appointment. Our dental staff looks forward to providing you and your entire family with great dentistry that will ensure you all have beautiful and healthy smiles.

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