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Dental crowns are an incredibly important part of modern dentistry. This development in cosmetic and restorative dentistry has enabled patients to restore broken, heavily decayed, and majorly damaged teeth. Dental crowns are made of porcelain or composite resin and are extremely durable. The best aspects of these dental caps are that they look and feel like real teeth, and they restore a patient’s normal oral functions.

At Artaza Dental, our dental crowns can be created during a single visit to our dentist office. These same-day crowns are available to our Katy, TX patients because of the dental technology we utilize at our clinic. This technology is called the CEREC 3D.

How the CEREC 3D Works

This dentistry device quickly creates a dental crown that is customized to fit precisely into the patient’s mouth. The precision by which the crown is created is due to the X-rays taken, which shows every detail of where the tooth replacement cap will be.

Based on these X-ray impressions of where the cap will be located, the CEREC 3D begins to develop the dental crown. Our dentist will then check the newly created crown and make certain that it fits perfectly in the patient’s mouth.

The crown must fit in between existing teeth and along the gumline securely to ensure that the remaining part of the original tooth is protected from plaque and tooth decay that could otherwise slip under the crown.

Our dental staff has perfected the art of creating and placing dental crowns. Our Katy area dental patients come to our clinic confidently knowing that their teeth, regardless of the damage, will be taken care of in a quick, efficient, and effective manner.


Receive Your Same-Day Dental Crown Today

If you have a tooth that has suffered minor or major damage due to decay, injury, or a genetic malfunction, then contact our Katy dentist office and schedule your same-day dental crown appointment. Our dental staff looks forward to completing your smile and ensuring your oral health is pristine.

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