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Smiles can be memorable for different reasons. Too often, smiles are memorable for the wrong reasons. Due to missing teeth, chipped or broken teeth, crooked and misaligned teeth, or simply heavily discolored teeth, smiles can leave lasting impressions on people that are not favorable. At our Katy dentistry office, we love taking care of our patients’ smiles and giving them the confidence they need to leave great first, second, third, and lasting impressions. Restorative dentistry plays a major role in how we are able to give patients a great smile.

Dental Implants


Many Americans are missing teeth. Nearly a third of the population of American adults are missing at least one tooth. Dental implants are the most secure and lasting method to restoring a missing tooth. A dental implant utilizes a titanium implant that goes into the jawbone. The reason titanium is used is because it is biocompatible and is accepted by the human body. Once the titanium implant is placed into the jawbone, the bone grows around it and secures it into place. For this reason, dental implants typically last the lifetime of the patient. Once the titanium is set in place, a permanent cap replaces the temporary cap that was placed on top of the implant. This cap, also known as a dental crown, looks and feels like a real tooth and is capable of enduring all the rigors that come with daily oral activities.


Dental Bridges

If a dental implant or oral surgery is not preferable, our dentist clinic in Katy also offers dental bridges. These bridges, commonly referred to as false teeth, are created by establishing an impression of the mouth. This shows exactly where the teeth are missing and how the new set of teeth will fit with the existing teeth. Once the dental bridge is created, our dentist meets with the patient to make certain that it is a perfect fit. If the bridge fits perfectly, the patient is informed how to best take care of the bridge to ensure it lasts. This type of restorative dentistry procedure does not require any surgery, unless there are teeth that have been extremely damaged or are heavily decayed, which may require teeth to be pulled. But more often than not, no oral surgery is required.


Bone & Tissue Grafting

Bone and tissue grafting is a skill that has been acquired by Dr. Artaza through his nearly 40 years in the field of dentistry. This type of procedure is typically only necessary for procedures, like a dental implant. For many older patients who have a missing tooth, the area where there is no tooth or teeth commonly have bone that has thinned. In order to complete a successful dental implant, there must be enough bone to place the titanium implant. Bone grafting ensures there is enough space for a successful implant. Tissue grafting is typically needed when there is gum recession. This procedure is conducted to help protect the patient’s teeth, since gums help protect teeth from bacteria that can infiltrate the teeth or bone. The best method to check whether a tissue graft is necessary or not is to undergo a dental cleaning.


Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can include many different dental procedures. Our dentists have witnessed just about every dental issue, which means we have the experience and training to deal with almost every dental-related issue (of course, our clinic does not perform major trauma surgery). Emergency dental needs are one of the more common issues that require oral surgery.


Yomi Dental Robot

The Yomi dental robot is the only FDA-cleared system for dental implant surgery. The team at Artaza Dental uses this system to perform minimally-invasive surgery. Using the Yomi dental robot gives them in-depth treatment planning and greater control during your procedure. Yomi allows the team to provide you with same-day dental implants, helping you complete your smile as soon as possible. After surgery, you’ll be able to show off your new smile with confidence.


Need Restorative Dentistry? Come to Artaza Dental

For all of your restorative dental needs, consider Artaza Dental in Katy, TX. Dr. Artaza has been providing excellent dentistry to patients for nearly 40 years. Missing teeth? Chipped or broken teeth? Gum recession? Our clinic can address all of your oral problems. Contact our dental clinic today and schedule your restorative dentistry procedure.

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