3 Ways to Protect Your Dental Crown

At our Katy dental office, we understand the importance of educating patients on how to better maintain their oral health. Ensuring that every patient knows how to protect their natural teeth and teeth replacements, like dental implants or dental crowns.

The dentistry staff at Artaza Dental works hard to keep every patient informed of what areas in their mouth need specific attention. Some teeth often need more attention that others, which is why our practice provides procedures for every aspect of dentistry.

How to Protect Your Dental Crowns

When it comes to taking care of dental crowns, here are three primary actions you need to do or avoid:

  • ORAL MAINTENANCE: This pretty much goes without saying because it’s a necessity for everyone with or without dental caps. Just because you have a crown, which is not a natural part of the body, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to remain clean. Be sure to brush twice per day and floss daily, including around the crown. Not doing so will allow plaque to buildup and impact the surrounding teeth and will gum disease. This could reach into the root of the tooth, making your dental crown null and void.
  • END THE GRIND: A crown is placed on top of the healthy remainder of the tooth. Much like a natural tooth, the dental cap can only take so much pressure. Grinding your teeth is a bad habit all around. This can cause the crown to break. If you have a problem grinding your teeth, like when you sleep at night, then you need to purchase a mouthguard. This will protect all of your teeth, including your dental crown.
  • AVOID HARD FOODS: OK. Sometimes hard food is just part of like. And maybe you even like hard food. Our suggestion is that you don’t eat it too often, and if you do, try chewing on the side that doesn’t have the crown or crowns. When it comes to hard candy, like gobstoppers or fireballs, well...don’t crunch it. Just let it dissolve. Practice a little patience for Pete’s sake. Eating hard foods too often can put too much pressure on your dental crown and could chip or break it.


Artaza Dental makes it easy for everyone in the Katy area to find their dentist. Our dentist practice is conveniently located off of I-10 and 99. If you have a tooth that is severely decayed or broken, then you should consider receiving a dental crown. This procedure can be taken care of in one day with our CEREC 3D technology. Contact our dental office and schedule your appointment with us. We look forward to seeing you.