Choose Katy’s Most Technologically Advanced Dental Office

Everyone wants the best, regardless of what it is. We want the best food. The best friends. The best teams during the playoffs. That request for the best doesn’t stop at dentistry. You want the best dentist taking care of your teeth. Artaza Dental prides itself on being the best in Katy.

Our Katy dentist office covers every aspect of the dental experience to ensure we are pursuing excellence. From our impeccable customer service to the final results of every dental procedure, Artaza Dental has become known for making sure every patient is more than satisfied with their full experience.

Dental Technology to Better Your Experience

Over the years, dentistry technology has advanced exponentially. This technology enables our dentists and hygienists to look deeper and more clearly into our patients’ mouths. Being able to view everything in the mouth ensures that our patients can know how healthy their teeth, gums, jaw, and every other aspect of their mouth is.

Not too long ago, dentists had to rely on methods of viewing their patients’ teeth with a small mirror, and then there was the introduction of X-rays. At Artaza Dental, we have taken it a major step further by utilizing the CT Scan.

CT Scan to View Teeth

The CT scan, also known as a cat scan, gives Dr. Hugo Artaza and our dental professionals the ability to see everything about a tooth. Is it healthy? Are there cavities in hard to see places? Are there issues at the root? Just because it cannot be seen with the naked eye, doesn’t mean it can’t be seen. The CT scan has changed the game for our patients and has enabled our Katy dental office to provide patients with even more excellent care. Dental technology is a big deal here at our dentist office in Katy, and we continue to prove it by staying on the absolute cutting edge of dentistry.

Our Katy Dentist Office for Cutting Edge Dentistry

We pride ourselves on being ahead of every other dentist in Katy, TX. If you have been looking for a dentist for the whole family who can address every dentistry issue, come see Dr. Hugo Artaza and our dental team. Contact us today and schedule your dental appointment. We look forward to becoming your dentist.