Artaza DDS provides dental patients with same-day dental crowns.

Why Get Dental Crowns from Our Katy Dentist Office?

Dental crowns have become an incredibly important and face-saving dentistry procedure. From tooth decay to broken teeth, a dental crown has become the prime method to helping restore smiles here in Katy.

At Artaza Dental in Katy, not only do we provide dental crowns, but we also provide same-day crowns for our patients. Dr. Artaza understands the needs of our patients and that the primary need is to have their oral issues addressed quickly, effectively, and professionally.

Our state-of-the-art dental technology enables us to provide amazing service to every patient in a timely manner. Time should always be on your side when going to the dentist. Here are some ways we make sure you aren’t spending all your time at the dental office, and are instead able to spend your time taking care of other things in your life:

  • ARRIVAL: For new patients, we make it simple with our online New Patient Forms. This allows us to gather the pertinent information about you and your dental need or needs before you ever step foot into our Katy dental office. For everyone, our Book an Appointment online option makes it easy to book your dental appointment. From there, our dental staff will organize your time with us into a seamless visit.
  • CROWN CREATION: Our CEREC 3D technology provides patients the opportunity to have their dental crowns taken care of all in one visit. For patients in need of a dental cap for their tooth, we take X-rays of the area to make certain that the patient receives a crown that fits perfectly.
  • CROWN PLACEMENT: Once the crown is created, we make certain that it fits in between the existing teeth and that the bite is not altered, but is as it should be. This ensures that the patient will have no issues chewing, and will help fight against any periodontal disease or tooth decay by keep teeth aligned and in close proximity.


If you have a severely chipped or broken tooth, or suffer from tooth decay, you should consider scheduling an appointment with Artaza Dental in Katy. Our dental clinic will take care of all your dental needs the way we have been doing for decades: quickly and professionally. Contact us today and schedule your same-day crowns dentistry appointment. We look forward to seeing you.