A Katy Dentist That Knocks the Pain Out of Dentistry

It would behoove more dentists to take notice of why patients prefer not to go to the dentist. At Artaza Dental, we are well aware of why many people defer their dental visits: pain. This is why Dr. Hugo Artaza and our Katy dental staff work hard to eliminate pain from the dentistry process.

Most dental procedures are invasive at some level. So even simple procedures, like dental fillings, can cause pain if the proper steps aren’t taken to numb the nerve endings. We specialize in painless dentistry.

How Our Katy Dentists Conduct Painless Shots and More

The method to ensuring your dental procedure isn’t painful is to inject an anesthetic into the area our dentist plans to perform the procedure. But shots hurt, right? That’s why we conduct a specific process to eliminate that.

  • Pre-Numbing: Before Dr. Artaza or one of our dentists place anesthetic into the area, we rub the area down with a solution that numbs the gums so that the injection isn’t felt. This helps take the anxiety out of the next step: the injection.
  • Numbing Injection: This step is imperative in order to eliminate pain throughout and after the procedure. There are various nerve endings in the tooth and gums that must be deadened in order to ensure painless dentistry. Our Katy dentists have perfected this procedure by pinpointing precisely where the anesthetic needs to be placed.
  • Time to Numb: Once the numbing formula has been injected, we wait for the area to become completely numbed. Once this happens, the dental procedure can take place.

After every procedure, our dental staff will inform you of how to conduct post-op care. If it is a minor procedure, then typically all you need to do is wait for the numbing to dissipate. It is highly recommended to avoid chewing while an area of the mouth is numb. This is to ensure you don’t bite your tongue or cheek while chewing.

Choose the Katy Dentist That Cares About You

Dr. Artaza has been providing excellent dentistry to patients for nearly 40 years. He understands the fears and reservations that keep patients from taking care of their teeth. This is why he and the Artaza Dental staff is know throughout Katy to take extra care to protect their patients and alleviate the typical worries. If you have been looking for a dentist office in Katy, TX to bring the whole family, look no further than Artaza Dental. Contact us today and schedule your dental appointment. We look forward to providing you excellent dentistry.