The dental staff at Artaza DDS focuses on providing great and painless dentistry to all patients.

Artaza Dental: A Focus on Painless Dentistry

There is the old adage: No pain. No gain. At Artaza Dental in Katy, we don’t abide by that mantra. In fact, Dr. Artaza and our dental staff continue to turn that phrase on its head.

Dentistry has always been associated with pain, but with advances in dental technology and methods, a dental procedure doesn’t have to be painful. Our Katy dentist office specializes in making dentistry as painless as possible. From dental fillings to root canals, our goal is to always make certain that every patient is relaxed and doesn’t experience any pain during the dental procedure.


One of the most important parts of dentistry is securing the patient’s trust. At Artaza Dental, our patients trust us to take care of all their dental needs. They also know that we will take care of them with kid gloves. Before we begin an invasive procedure, our dental assistant or dentist will numb the area that will receive a shot to deaden the nerves.


When a nerve is hit, this can cause a painful reaction. This is why Dr. Artaza conducts injections in the affected area to deaden the nerves and ensure there is no pain during the dental procedure. We always make certain to tell the patient to inform us if they feel anything when the procedure begins. This helps eliminate the possibility of a painful procedure. When the area is deadened, the patient is able to relax without the thought of pain.


Focusing on how the patient feels before, during, and after a procedure is just one of the many aspects that separates Artaza Dental from every other dental office in Katy. We want every patient – young and old – to enjoy their dental experience. Our dental staff works hard to ensure every patient has all their questions answered and knows what to do and what to expect after a procedure. If you are looking for a great dental clinic in the Katy area that will look after you and your well-being, come to Artaza Dental today.