Senior Pictures Coming Up! How’s Their Smile?

Graduation in Katy, TX is right around the corner, which means senior pictures and graduation pictures are in demand. Does your graduate need some dental work before their photo session? At Artaza Dental, we are here to make their smile shine.

High school graduation is a big moment in the life of a teenager, so let’s make sure their big day is as bright as possible. There are numerous ways to make certain their smile is ready for the photos and the ceremony.

Get Your Graduate’s Smile Ready

Here are a few dental procedures we can quickly take care of:

  • Teeth Whitening: Kids eat and drink all kinds of things that can darken their teeth. This issue can be quickly addressed and fixed with a teeth whitening session. Our dental office in Katy offers two types of teeth whitening procedures: at-home and in-office. Since time is short, we recommend our in-office teeth whitening. Artaza Dental utilizes KoR Whitening, which is a powerful yet simplified method of teeth bleaching that uses a complex system of dual-activated, tri-barrel hydremide peroxide. Come in today and get your teeth whiter than ever.
  • Same-Day Dental Crowns: If your senior has a chipped or broken tooth, then they need to have this dental issue addressed sooner rather than later. Luckily, our Katy dentist office has the latest in dental technology, including the CEREC 3D, which allows us to create same-day dental crowns. Before that shoot, schedule your seniors dental crown appointment.
  • Dental Cleaning: Sometimes a thorough dental cleaning is all one needs. This is actually an opportune time to get your teenager’s teeth cleaned because it will ensure that their teeth are not just ready for their close-up, but that their dental health is intact before going off to college, where their teeth may be the last thing they plan to study.

Schedule Your Senior’s Dental Procedure

Now is the best time to schedule your teen’s dental procedure, whether a teeth whitening session or something a bit more in-depth. At Artaza Dental, we are able to take care of every dental patient, regardless of age, in a quick, professional, and seamless manner. Don’t wait. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.