Summer. Junk Food. And Oral Health.

During the summer, your kids want junk food. As parents, you want your kids to keep their teeth clean. Hopefully both will happen (hey, we think kids deserve the sweets for taking care of their school work).

Taking care of teeth and keeping cavities at bay is no simple task. At Artaza Dental, we are all about making sure your kids have an enjoyable summer. That means not dealing with toothaches or unhealthy gums. Our Katy dentists take the time to ensure kids have healthy teeth and gums for the summer and the year.

The reason we want to make sure kids have great oral health is because we know how big a part oral health plays on their future overall health. And for kids, well, we want them to be able to enjoy the sweets and little indulgences they get to have during the summer months.

Teeth Cleanings for a Better Summer

Our scheduling system makes it easy to schedule your kids’ appointments. Our front desk will take care of you and make your appointment booking process easy. One of the most important appointments you can schedule for your child is a dental cleaning. A dental cleaning should be conducted every six months so that our dentists can keep an eye on issues that may be arising in your child’s mouth.

After a dental cleaning, our Katy dentist is able to discuss any issues with you that may be detrimental to your child’s health. From there, we can schedule a follow-up appointment for any other necessary dental procedure, like dental fillings.

When our dentist catches oral problems early, it makes for a better summer for kids. It gives them the peace of mind they need to know that whatever the problem was in their teeth has now been resolved. Now they can eat ice cream in peace.

Artaza Dental: Katy’s Dentist for Summer 2019

Has your kid not been to the dentist in a while? Call our Katy dentist office today and schedule their dental checkup. We make it easy and enjoyable. Our dental staff looks forward to helping your kids stay healthy.

We hope you have a happy rest of the summer.