A Summer Teeth Whitening Deal You Won’t Want to Miss!

Everyone wants that beach body for the summer. You know what else everyone wants that is a lot easier to attain? A summer smile!

If you have been looking for a great deal on teeth whitening, Artaza Dental has a summer deal just for you! Our KOR deep bleach system will be available at a discounted rate, but only for the summer months June, July, and August. Get a KOR deep bleach system, regularly $1,050, for just $750! That’s $300 off so you can go spend that money on something else...like plans to get that beach body, or maybe something even better, like a weekend getaway for the vacation months.

How KOR Teeth Whitening Works

The first part of the KOR teeth whitening process is to come to our Katy dental office to get your impressions taken. This process is conducted to create customized trays to fit your teeth. Once your trays are created, you can swing back by the office and pick them up, along with the teeth whitening gel.

The at-home teeth whitening process should take around 3-6 weeks to complete and provide you with a beautiful and bright smile. The final step in the KOR teeth whitening process is your third visit when you come in for your final two-hour deep bleaching.

No Stains. No Pains.

People choose to get their teeth whitened because they know the results will be fantastic and their whole smile will become beautiful and stain-free. This at-home teeth whitening solution removes stains caused by coffee, wine, tea, and other things that can stain your teeth. This two-hour deep bleaching is recommended to be conducted approximately once per month, especially if you enjoy all those teeth staining drinks.

One aspect that keeps people from getting teeth whitening is because they may have experienced pain or heard that pain is associated with teeth whitening. The difference with KOR Whitening is that it has been specially designed to cause little to no sensitivity. The creators of KOR Whitening wanted to make teeth whitening as easy and painless as possible so that everyone who wanted a beautiful smile could get one.

Come Get Your Teeth Whitened!

So if you have been waiting to get your teeth whitened, don’t wait any longer. Come to our dental office in Katy and get your summer smile. Take advantage of this incredible summer teeth whitening deal and match the summer sun with a bright smile at Artaza Dental. Contact us today and book your appointment.