Our Summer Teeth Whitening Special Is Still On!

Go to the bathroom. Stand in front of the mirror. Now smile. Do you like what you see? If your teeth are stained from years of coffee or wine, or maybe they’ve just become darkened over time, then do we have the perfect opportunity for you to brighten your smile.

Artaza Dental in Katy, TX is still offering its summer special on its KOR Whitening kits. Come save $300 on these incredible kits that can quickly and painlessly whiten your teeth. Our teeth whitening kits are usually $1,050. Now till the end of August, they are just $750.

The process for getting your teeth white takes only about 3-to-6 weeks. So you can spend the last half of your summer, perhaps even before you go on vacation, with a bright and beautiful smile that you can be proud of.

An Easy Peasy Teeth Whitening Process

The process of turning your teeth several shades brighter is super simple. Just book an appointment with our awesome front desk, come in, and get your impressions. We’ll have your trays created quickly, and then you can swing by at your convenience to come pick them up.

We’ll show you how to use the whitening gel and trays, and inform you of how often you should use them in order to get the best and quickest results.

Once you have completed using the bleaching gel, you will come to our Katy dentist office and undergo the final stage of the teeth whitening process. This final stage is a two-hour teeth bleaching. Once you have completed that, you’ll be able to walk into your bathroom, stand in front of the mirror, and love what you see.

Schedule Your KOR Whitening Appointment

Want a better and brighter smile? Come over to Artaza Dental today and start the KOR Whitening process. You’ll be thrilled with the results and ready for the rest of summer and the rest of 2019 and beyond.