What Are You Looking for in a Dentist?

Finding a great dentist is easier said than done. When you talk to people about their dental experiences, there seems to be more bad stories than good stories out there. We think this is a shame, but we also know that it’s an opportunity to prove to every current and new patient that comes to our Katy dental office what great dentistry is all about.

There are certain things people look for in a dentist. At Artaza Dental, we meet all of the requirements people generally are looking for with a dental office.

A Katy Dentist That Excels

Here’s what you should consider before sitting in an operatory chair:

    • Experience: A dentist without experience is a dentist you may want to steer clear of. We understand that every dentist has to start somewhere, but do you want that starting point being in your mouth? Dr. Artaza has 40 years of experience providing excellent dentistry to every patient that walks through the doors. His decades of experiences gives him the ability to take care of every type of dental procedure.
    • Skill: With those 40 years of experience comes the highest level of skill. Dr. Artaza knows how to treat every dental procedure and every patient, whether they are nervous, relaxed, first-time, or visit the dentist every six months as recommended. The leader of our Katy dentist office is known for having the most steady hands, enabling him to quickly take care of a patient’s needs.
    • Technology: Our dental office in Katy offers the latest in dental technology. From same-day dental crowns to CT scan machines, our goal is to stay on top of the dental industry. We don’t simply do this because we love dentistry technology (although we absolutely do!), but we do it because our patients deserve the very best. This technology allows us to find precisely what is wrong with a patient, where the problem is, and how to best address it.
    • Kindness: Lastly, you want a dentist that is kind. You don’t want some gruff and mean dentist. You want a dentist who is patient and kind, and treats every dental patient with respect. Dr. Artaza has treated thousands of patients over the years, so he has conquered the art of taking care of patients with kindness. This ability is reflected in all of our 5-star reviews. That’s right. Patients love coming to Artaza Dental.

Come See the Dentist You’ve Been Looking for

You can stop waiting and you can stop searching on Google to find the right dentist. He’s right here at Artaza Dental. Dr. Artaza and the rest of our Katy dental staff are here to help you achieve your best oral health. Contact our office today and book your appointment. We look forward to seeing you.