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Robot-assisted surgery allows your dentist to have enhanced treatment planning and greater precision during your procedure. At Artaza Dental in Katy, Texas, Hugo Artaza, DDS, and his team use the Yomi®® dental robot to offer their patients a better experience for dental implant treatment. To see if robotic surgery is right for you, call Artaza Dental today or schedule an appointment online.

Yomi® Dental Robot Q&A

What is the Yomi® dental robot?

The Yomi® dental robot is the only FDA-cleared system for dental implant surgery. The team at Artaza Dental uses this system to perform minimally-invasive surgery. Using the Yomi® dental robot gives them in-depth treatment planning and greater control during your procedure.

Yomi® allows the team to provide you with same-day dental implants, helping you complete your smile as soon as possible. After surgery, you’ll be able to show off your new smile with confidence. 

How does the Yomi® dental robot work?

Robot-assisted surgery provides assistance to your dental surgeon while they plan and perform your dental implant procedure. Yomi® guides your dentist to place your implants with better precision so your results are natural-feeling and looking. 

During a minimally invasive procedure, your surgeon sits at a computer console and controls robotic arms. The arms hold tiny instruments to place your implants. The technology also features a high-definition, 3D camera that magnifies the treatment area, so your surgeon can operate with a higher level of confidence.

Am I a candidate for robot surgery?

To determine if you’re a candidate for robotic surgery, the team performs a comprehensive oral exam.

You may be a good candidate for Yomi® robot surgery if you:

  • Have one or more missing teeth 
  • Have adequate bone to secure implants
  • Have healthy oral tissues 

Dental implants offer an effective way to treat missing teeth. Many patients choose implants over dentures as it allows them to have better biting and chewing abilities. Dentures can slip and slide when they’re not fitted correctly or when you’re talking, while implants are secured to your jawbone to remain firmly in place.

What are the benefits of the Yomi® dental robot?

The Yomi® robot offers several benefits, including:

  • Customized treatment planning
  • Precise and accurate implant placement
  • Same-day dental implants
  • Fewer and smaller incisions than traditional open surgery
  • Enhanced healing and recovery process

Artaza Dental is dedicated to helping you achieve a beautiful smile that feels and looks natural, and the Yomi® dental robot is one of the options they offer. 

To learn more about the Yomi® robot and see if you’re a candidate for robotic surgery, call Artaza Dental or schedule an appointment online today.